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Ancestral Apple cider vinegar

Discover this 100% natural product, manufactured in the traditional way to preserve all the benefits and characteristics unique to this process. Ancestral apple cider vinegar is an antioxidant and offers many virtues, thanks to the “mother of vinegar” it contains. See all the different ways to use it either as a recipe or with the tips and advice you will find on this site.

Do you have questions about Ancestral cider vinegar?

The same questions come back often! What is the production process for Ancestral apple cider vinegar? What is the usual appearance of the vinegar? What is the shelf life of the product? What does Ancestral vinegar look like? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to find your answers and find out why the mother of vinegar is so important and why the opaque bottle is an advantage for product preservation!

The mother of vinegar

The mother of vinegar is very important and must be found in any unfiltered and unpasteurized high quality cider vinegar. Why ? The mother of vinegar contains a friendly bacteria called acetobacter. This friendly bacteria is alive(as in yogurt) and contributes to the health of the intestinal flora and immune system, hence its great virtues.


The mother of vinegar comes in different forms: scrambled appearance, light veil on the surface, small floating filaments, gelatinous formation at the bottom of the container etc. You can safely consume the mother of vinegar in all its forms to enjoy its health benefits.Every time you use it, you should gently move the Ancestral vinegar container to evenly distribute the mother of vinegar.

The mother of vinegar is good for you

As more and more regular customers, make Ancestral vinegar your base vinegar to which you will add all sorts of new ingredients.

You will be able to enjoy an unlimited number of culinary experiences, while consuming a product that will preserve all its nutritional values.

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Our product
Ancestral cider vinegar is a virtual storehouse of active nutritional elements, which have been neither filtered nor pasteurized, to preserve their benefits. A single teaspoon of Ancestral cider vinegar contains dozens of nutritious elements such as vitamins, essential amino acids, fiber-rich pectin, friendly bacteria (mother of vinegar), digestive enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and numerous trace elements. The composition, taste and color of Ancestral cider vinegar may vary slightly due to the kind of apples used, but it invariably offers high nutritional value.
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