Cooking Tips


Thursday - 6th February 2020

Quite often, the best cooking secrets are the “little tricks”. These little details make your dinner table a memorable and alluring place. Here is some advice and a few cooking suggestions that will help turn you into an expert chef and that will truly enrich the flavour of your creations.

  1. Wash vegetables with Ancestral vinegar and a bit of salt to rid them of dirt and insects.
  2. Add Ancestral vinegar to boiled cabbage for better results.
  3. Don’t hesitate to replace lemon juice with Ancestral vinegar in your recipes.
  4. To enrich the taste of soups, add Ancestral vinegar.
  5. Ancestral vinegar is a treat when added to braised beef à la mode.
  6. Add Ancestral vinegar and a bit of boiling water to basting fluids to add flavour to meat and poultry.
  7. Add Ancestral vinegar to chips and French fries.
  8. Tenderize meat with Ancestral vinegar.

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