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How does Ancestral apple cider vinegar distinguish itself from other brands?

Contrary to many other brands, Ancestral vinegar is sold in an opaque jug that prevents it being exposed to direct light and oxidation. Ancestral vinegar is produced through a meticulous process, which renders a high quality vinegar with unique and exclusive characteristics that contribute to its fine and distinctive flavor and aromas. Ancestral vinegar also distinguishes itself from other brands in that it is 100 % raw and all natural.

It is neither filtered nor pasteurized to preserve its nutrients and fragile bio-ingredients. Ancestral vinegar contains the mother of vinegar.

Is there an expiry date on the label?

No, there is no expiry date on the label. Because of the very long shelf life of the vinegar, there is no need to indicate an expiry date.

However, you will find numbers indicating the manufacturing date printed in black on the label:

for example, the number 18518.

  • The first 3 digits (185) indicate the production date, in this example it’s the 185th day of the year.

  • The last 2 digits (18) indicate the year, in this case, 2018.

So, 18518 means the 185th day of 2018.

What is the shelf life of Ancestral apple cider vinegar?

Ancestral vinegar remains safe for human consumption indefinitely.

A shelf life of 12 to 18 months is provided for appearances only.

What does Ancestral vinegar look like?

Ancestral vinegar is a raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar.Its appearance is a semi-cloudy, light to medium amber color. The vinegar’s appearance may vary from one production batch to another and that is perfectly normal. Ancestral vinegar is a living product that evolves with time. As the product matures, it is not unusual that its appearance changes as well.

What is the production process for Ancestral apple cider vinegar?

Raw Ancestral apple cider vinegar is the result of acetous fermentation of the juice of apples originating from Canada and the USA. Alcohol is then converted into acetic acid by the microorganism Acetobacter aceti. The finished product is raw, not filtered nor pasteurized. It is free of clarifiers, preservatives or other impurities.

Why does the mother of vinegar have the appearance of a gelatinous substance?

The mother of vinegar is a gelatinous biofilm consisting of acetic bacteria that develop at the surface of raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. The appearance of this biofilm can vary in shape and form. As time goes by small filaments from the mother may settle at the bottom of the jar. The gelatinous skin, which may vary in thickness, is perfectly safe to consume, as it is full of gut-friendly bacteria. It will not affect the fine flavor, aroma and unique characteristics of Ancestral apple cider vinegar.

The presence of the mother of vinegar depends on the production date as well as storage conditions. Its presence or lack there of will not affect the quality or taste of the vinegar. The mother will develop more rapidly at room temperature and slower if kept in the refrigerator.

Many commercial vinegars go through filtration and pasteurization treatments, which unfortunately deprive the final product of the benefits of the mother of vinegar.

Where can I buy Ancestral vinegar?

You can find Ancestral apple cider vinegar in most big retailers across Canada like Walmart, Sobey’s, Loblaws, Metro, IGA, Provigo etc.

It is also available in many smaller grocery stores as well as in natural food stores. Otherwise, if you can’t find Ancestral vinegar in your region, you can purchase it online at and the order will be shipped directly to your home.

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